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Complete List of Imran Sereis Novels by Mazhar Kaleem

Imran Series is one of the best-selling Urdu spy novels series created by Pakistani writer Ibn-e-Safi. Ali Imran is the pivotal character, a comical secret agent who controls the Secret Service as X-2 but appears to to be a non serious citizen who as a free lancer works for the Secret Service. Except a handful of people, no one knows his status being the chief of the Service. The first book, Khaufnaak Imarat (The Terrifying Building), was published in October 1955. In early books Imran appears as a solo detective, however, later he is portrayed as the chief of Secret Service as X-2.

After Ibn-e-Safi,s demise many people attempted to write Imran Series but no one could continuously produced this kind of Urdu books except Mazhar Kaleem. Kaleem produced more Imran series novels than Ibn-e-Safi and has a wide readership and huge number of fans. He has been writing these novels for the life time of Ibn-e-Safi and continuously produces Imran Series novels till date.

In the following a complete list of the Imran Series Novels, written by Mazhar Kaleem, is given. You can easily download any novel of your choice by click on it. That link will direct you to the page from where the novel can be downloaded.

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  1.  Maka Zunga   
  2. Sabolate Aagar    
  3. Shogi Pama     
  4. Double White      
  5. Kaya Palat      
  6. Shalmak     
  7. Super Operation (Shalmak Part 2)     
  8. Operation Final Cross (Shalmak Part 3)     
  9. Bagop    
  10. Death Mission    
  11. Khamosh Cheekhain     
  12. Calender Killer     
  13. Ganja Bhikari     
  14. Blue Film    
  15. Ladies Secret Service     
  16. Operation Desert One    
  17. Black Prince   
  18. Doug Rays    
  19. Basashi   
  20. Madaam (Basashi Part 2)    
  21. Silver Girl    
  22. Rascal's King    
  23. Aikaban   
  24. Harakari     
  25. Naqabil-E-taskheer Mujrim      
  26. Maut Ka Raqs (Naqabil-E-Taskheer Mujrim Part 2)     
  27. Weather Boss     
  28. Imran Ki Maut      
  29. Zinda Sasyay     
  30. Black Feather     
  31. Dashing Three      
  32. Rangeen Maut    
  33. Bloody Syndicate   
  34. Dehshat Gard     
  35. Mutaharrik Maut (Dehshat Gard Part 2)     
  36. Red Medosa     
  37. Danger Land    
  38. Cross Club   
  39. Fohag International    
  40. Fast Action   
  41. Prince of Dhump      
  42. Be Jurm Mujrim     
  43. Blue Eye     
  44. Ankana    
  45. Escape Gray    
  46. Prince Wanchal    
  47. Operation Sandwich    
  48. Sandwich Plan     
  49. X-2    
  50. X-2 Kon    
  51. Kaghzee Qayamat     
  52. Lady Eagles    
  53. Maut ka Jaal (Lady Eagles Part 2)     
  54. Topaz      
  55. Yaqeeni Maut (Topaz Part 2)   
  56. Anadi Mujrim    
  57. Hi-Fi     
  58. Ghaddar Julia     
  59. Karwan-E-Dehshat    
  60. Jiyalay Jasoos     
  61. Camp Reckers      
  62. Camp Blast (Camp Reckers Part 2)    
  63. Wild Tiger       
  64. Pakishia Club    
  65. Adhoora Farmula     
  66. Maut Ka Daira (Adhoora Farmula Part 2)   
  67. Robin Hood    
  68. Diamend of Death       
  69. Bankay Mujrim    
  70. Top Rock       
  71. JulianaFight Group     
  72.  Power Land         
  73. Jawana in Action              
  74. Star Track       
  75. Little Devils     
  76. Faceof Death  
  77. BlackDeath  
  78. Hot Knot  
  79. Special Agent Bronu          
  80. Red Chief              
  81. Death Circle       
  82. Trench Fire          
  83. Shooting Power            
  84. Dark Club          
  85. Halqa-E-Maut       
  86. Way to Action     
  87. TopTarget           
  88. Lancer Five       
  89. Roadside Story     
  90. Great Fight      
  91. Black Collar       
  92. Wonder Plan         
  93. Death Group            
  94. Haikal Sulaimani            
  95. Lady Sunderta           
  96. Lady Killers        
  97.  SaajaanCenter     
  98. RedPower    
  99. PowerLand ki Tabahi    
  100. JulianaTop Action            
  101. ChallengeMission     
  102. PressureLock    
  103. OneMan Show       
  104.  Ladies Mission    
  105. Foul Play      
  106. Zero Over Zero     
  107. Super Agnet Safdar       
  108. Blood Hound      
  109. Easy Mission      
  110. Light House     
  111. Secret Service Mission    
  112. Four Corners    
  113. Silver Hands     
  114. Adventure Mission       
  115. Golden Sand     
  116. Re bite      
  117. Jasoos-E-Azam     
  118. Red Point     
  119. Alert Camp     
  120. Tight Plan   
  121. Dashing Agent     
  122. Inventory Grip     
  123. Black Thunder    
  124. Camp Fight    
  125. Birth Stone    
  126. Wood King    
  127. Top Prize   
  128. Supreme Fighter      
  129. Spot Film (Spot Game)     
  130. Nawashingo     
  131. WaterPower      
  132. GreatBall (Water Power Part 2)      
  133. Great Victory (Water Power Part 3)    
  134. Black Pagos (Water Power Part 4)     
  135. Dogo Fighters    
  136. Secret Heart    
  137. True Man   
  138. Action Group   
  139. Baarki   
  140. Welldone    
  141.  Special Plan   
  142. Desert Commandos   
  143. Blood Rays  
  144. Haley Kaat  
  145. Kareka  
  146. Red Dot  
  147. Logasa Mission  
  148. Last Fight   
  149. Flaster Project    
  150. Night Fighters   
  151. Karosho    
  152. Hard Mission   
  153. Hallow Wall    
  154. Sarto Mission   
  155. Super Mind Agent   
  156. Zaraak   
  157. Bright Stone   
  158. Zero Lastry  
  159. Texaat   
  160. Jim Might   
  161. Long Fight   
  162. Big Boss    
  163. Bogano    
  164. Last Round    
  165. Third Force    
  166. Fy Land    
  167. Black Agent    
  168. Bloody Game   
  169. Cross Mission    
  170. S.S Project    
  171. Destruction Plan     
  172. Black Hounds    
  173. Super Mission    
  174. Hashrat-Ul-Ard   
  175. Black Hills   
  176. Tataar Daggers    
  177. Snake Circle     
  178. Black Strip   
  179. Special Supply    
  180. Hot Field   
  181. Hot Spot     
  182. Hot Fight   
  183. Saqaaab Project   
  184. Sankara   
  185. Misali Dunya   
  186. Red Ring     
  187. Blink Attack    
  188. Open-Close     
  189. Black World    
  190. Black Powers     
  191. Kakana Island   
  192. Golden Agent    
  193. Golden Agent in Action   
  194. Four Stars    
  195. Code Walk   
  196. Blasters   
  197. Special Section   
  198. Royal Service    
  199. Ladies Island     
  200. Double Game    
  201. Fink Syndicate   
  202. Fighting Mission    
  203. Dog Crime    
  204. Dushman Julia    
  205. Zigzag Mission   
  206. Saffak Mujrim      
  207. Red Craft    
  208. Red Craft Stalk     
  209. Death Quick  
  210. Tower Section    
  211. Long Bird Complex    
  212. Long Bird Sealed Complex     
  213. Blasting Station    
  214. Sasic Center    
  215. Black Crime    
  216. Last Upset     
  217. Sifli Dunya    
  218. Prince Kachaan    
  219. Rozi Rascal    
  220. Rock Head   
  221. Imran Ka Eghwa    
  222. Spargo   
  223. Diamond Power    
  224. Tafreehi Mission    
  225. Treaty    
  226. Green Death    
  227. Power Agent     
  228. Makrooh Jurm    
  229. Dark Mission    
  230. Base Camp    
  231. Zaheen Agent    
  232. Red Zero Agency      
  233. J.S.P     
  234. Jinnati Dunya    
  235. Death Rays      
  236. Golden Spot   
  237. Grass Dam     
  238. Black Face   
  239. Double Mission   
  240. She Dog      
  241. She Dog Headquaretr     
  242. Red  Authority    
  243. Lasilky   
  244. Dark Eye (Lasilky Part 2)   
  245. Snake Killers    
  246. Shudermaan   
  247. Sea Eagle  
  248. Egrosan   
  249. Cosmic Star    
  250. Red Army     
  251. Red Army Network    
  252. Red Flag   
  253. Pearl Pirate    
  254. Makrooh Chehray    
  255. Crown Agency    
  256. Fabian Society   
  257. Last Movement     
  258. Smart Mission   
  259. Super Master Group   
  260. Thread Ball Mission  
  261. Fort Dam     
  262. Fayugi Task   
  263. Hanging Death   
  264. Villago   
  265. Black Arrow    
  266. Jewish Channel   
  267. Black Hawk   
  268. Power Squad   
  269. Electronic Eye    
  270. Karakoon   
  271. Special Mission    
  272. Black Mask    
  273. C Top   
  274. Water Missile   
  275. Target Mission   
  276. Foriegn Group    
  277. Mekarto Syndicate   
  278. Karkis Point   
  279. Flower Syndicate    
  280. Taroot   
  281. High Victory   
  282. Final Fight (High Victory Part 2)   
  283. Staarg   
  284. Rodix   
  285. Parton   
  286. Sagaan Mission    
  287. XV File (Sagaan Mission Part 2)     
  288. KGB Headquarter (Sagaan Mission Part 3)   
  289. Red Top (Sagaan Mission Part 4)        
  290. Taraak   
  291.  Double Lock    
  292.  Sandy Zoom     
  293. Tarson Agency   
  294.  Large View Project   
  295.  Soft Mission   
  296.  Hard Re-Back (Soft Mission Par 2)   
  297.  Broad System     
  298. Muslim Currency    
  299.  Cat Rat Game   
  300.  Suspense Game    
  301. Mamaar   
  302.  Bright Eye    
  303. Star Mission   
  304.  Last Warning  
  305.  White Shadow    
  306. S Three   
  307.  Shooter   
  308.  Black Thunder Section    
  309. Savanna    
  310. Cotton Seed    
  311.  Hot Rays   
  312.  Domnayi   
  313.  Haarch   
  314.  Big Challenge    
  315.  Great Mission  
  316.  Zero Mission    
  317. Red Circle   
  318.  Mind Blaster    
  319.  Crossing Arrow    
  320.  Last Trap    
  321. Maha Pursh    
  322.  Kashaam     
  323. Mariya Section  
  324.  Black Fighters   
  325.  Mushkbari Code 
  326. Zero Blaster  
  327.  Capital Agency   
  328.  Business Crime   
  329.  Prince Shama    
  330. Mission Sagor    
  331.  Gleri Seedia   
  332.  Blue Code Book   
  333. Big Dam   
  334.  Sagraam Mission   
  335.  Dodging Mission   
  336.  Beggars Mafia   
  337.  Free Socks   
  338.  Chief Agent    
  339.  Dark Face    
  340.  Hard Fight    
  341.  Danger Land   
  342.  Stocks   
  343.  Rozi Rascal Mission   
  344.  Devil Pearl   
  345.  Secret Center   
  346.  Blind Mission   
  347.  Blue Hawk    
  348. Tiger in Action    
  349. Saarg Agency    
  350. Saarg Headquarters   
  351.  Target Imran   
  352.  Black Head   
  353.  Winning Party   
  354.  Blue Bird Group   
  355.  Group Fighting    
  356. Black Scar   
  357.  Hard Crime    
  358. Hawk Eye    
  359. Danger Group Chao   
  360.  Fast Mission   
  361.  One to One   
  362.  Kaali Dunya   
  363.  Special Station   
  364.  Jewish Power   
  365.  Multi Mission    
  366. 2 in 1   
  367.  Golden Cross    
  368. Fight Plus   
  369.  Hot World   
  370.  E City   
  371.  Green Guard   
  372.  Reverse Circle    
  373. Violent Crime   
  374.  Side Track    
  375.  Taghooti Dunya    
  376. Blank Mission   
  377.  Golden Kolook    
  378.  Cyrus   
  379. Grand Victory   
  380.  Twin Sisters    
  381. Action Agency    
  382.  Top Mission    
  383.  Croog    
  384. Peacock   
  385.  10 Crore Main 2 Shaitan    
  386. Casper Rays  
  387.  Armous Prohit  
  388.  Hard Agency   
  389.  White Birds   
  390.  Red Sky   
  391.  Multi Target   
  392.  Black Day    
  393.  Great Falls   
  394.  Karman Mission    
  395.  Black Sun   
  396.  Lime Light   
  397.  Sangeen Jurm


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  42. Hey, can any of you kindly tell me the jubilee numbers by mazhar kaleem .. Even the special or khaas numbers .. Thankss

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  78. Imran, Juliya, josaf, safdar, tanveer, saddiqui, chohan, noumani, black zero (Tahir), salman (imran's bawarchi), super fayyaz, cornel fareedi n hameed all characters were invented by ibn e safi...every bdy who is a fan of imran series should read the novels of ibn e the bigning u will not enjoy to that level but after reading some novels you will get involved in..ibn e safi was a great novlest i must say..i hv also started to read novels by mazhar kaleem..when ppls ask him who created the secret service n blw blw he just not give a straight answer..which makes me to find who created the secret service n yes it was ibn e safi who created secret service in imran series. All setup of secret service in imran series n mystery of X2 was created by ibn e doubt mazhar kaleem did a great job..but every work which is started from zero demands more efforts we should acknowledge the efforts of ibn e safi in Jasoosi Adab. I can say am a big fan of ibn e safi and it is what ibn e safi gains that he is making his fans even after many many years of his death. One more thing in ibn e safi's novels you will find 2 more amazing characters jemson (jaman)and nawab zafar ul malik these two characters were superb..dnot knw why mazhar kaleem droped them from imran series..if he could get them back it would be a tribute to ibn e safi..hope gave u some gud info...bye

    1. they both are copy righted characters also jasoosi dunia alone also copy right protected
      i am not 100% sure but i remember i read this in "PESHRAS" of ibn e safi novel but i forget the novel name

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  85. sir plz us noval ka name bta sakty hain jis men josaf sharaab chor deta he or imran usy lolypop type koi cheez khany ko deta he .

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